Ecowar + support

Freitag, 5. Juli 2019

Ecowar + support

Ecowar : Anarcho Punk since 1998.

This hard rocking political group have been sending out a positive uplifting message for almost 2 decades now. The core of the group is Ernie on drums and James Brook on guitar. Every tour has something new, from extra musicians or performers to exciting visuals.

ernieEcowar have appeared with fire jugglers, stilt-walkers, extra guitar, keyboards, violin, drummers and singers. They have toured Europe from Norway to Spain, Scotland to Serbia and every country in between. They also tour Australia.

James works for Sea Shepherd, an ocean activist organisation and spends his time between tours fighting illegal poaching and fishing on the worlds oceans.

Since 2016, Ecowar have been joined by Greg from Australian folk/punkers Mutiny.

Coming to a venue near you in June /July 2019.

Ecowar promise a show of pumping clear eyed anarcho punk rock.

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